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Kamill Gomez is an award winning photographer who has traveled the world pursuing his passion for photography.  His love of photography grew out of his appreciation for Fashion and he now incorporates the tenets of landscape imagery into all of his work.

From a very early point in his career Kamill determined that he didn't want to be known or classified for a single type of photography.  With that goal in mind Kamill started shooting weddings while simultaneously building his portfolio in landscapes, wildlife, fashion, and model photography.

In March of 2013 Kamill shot his first wedding after being volunteered by his wife to do so, and KG Photo Studio was born.  Six months later Kamill quit his job with SARA and took the plunge into full time wedding photography.

As Kamill's career grew he was given even more opportunities to stretch his creative juices and expanded his work to take on assignments in commercial photography.  

Kamill has shot hundreds of weddings, big and small for members of the NFL, Major League Baseball to name a few.  His commercial work has included work for Interfit and Rotolight for magazine ads and publication.  

Kamill was mentioned in Play Boy Italy Magazine and is very well known for his Urban Exploration.

In 2016 Kamill started taking on more fashion and model photography as that is a particular area of photography that he finds very fun and rewarding. 

Kamill is available for any kind of assignment, anywhere in the USA.  His wide variety of experience and his no fear, take on any challenge approach makes him the perfect fit for so many different projects out there.

When Kamill takes a moment to rest, he spends all of his time with his wife in South Florida usually spending a day at Disneyland or somewhere else where he can spend time with those that matter the most.


*Winner of numerous Accolades of Excellence from WPPI, the largest print competition in the world.  Kamill has won awards categories including; Photojournalism, Weddings, Landscapes, Wildlife, Beauty and Boudoir, and Engagement Photography.

*Photography featured in magazines and publications including Popular Photography, Rangefinder, PDN, Digital Pro Magazine 



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